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Creating a Cannabis Marketing Strategy and Digital Advertising

We’re here to change the world of digital advertising in the cannabis industry. Adweedtising has revolutionary experts trained to create a strategy and implement, manage, and monitor cannabis marketing campaigns, including organic and paid ones like PPC (Pay Per Click). Developing and implementing the right cannabis marketing strategy can be very challenging.

Working with us will grant you the best possible outcome if you communicate your goals. In addition, cannabis digital advertising is the key to maximizing profit, especially in the early stages. Whether you’re a dispensary or a new cannabis brand, we`ll ensure you stay on top.

Cannabis Social Media Marketing

Social Media is everything, period. Luckily, we have the keys to an excellent social media presence since our Social Media Manager has more than six years of experience. Let`s make people turn heads, transform your social media game and create engaging content. Our cannabis social media manager will implement a unique content strategy like no other. Let`s meet HIGH expectations.

Cannabis SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s essential to wow your customers.However, how will you reach clients without good ranking on search engines like Google.

With seven years of experience, our cannabis marketing team has enough knowledge to increase your domain authority and rankings while delivering high-quality, engaging, and unique content.

We already have plenty of experience in cannabis SEO, meaning that we are ready to implement our already established SEO practices, and tools.

E-Mail Marketing Automation

We’ll help you build a dedicated fanbase and make people obsessed with your products without the headache of doing everything manually. In addition, our team will create an efficient, fast, and engaging e-mail content.

All that combined plus low-maintenance cannabis e-mail marketing automation will help you save tons of time and money on trivial tasks.